Friday, 17 November 2017

Cruising down the river!

Today, Peake and Fiennes classes went on an exciting trip to London.  We explored the sights on the London Eye River Cruise and it was a great, educational tour. The commentator on the boat, whose name was Ben, was hilarious.  As well as telling us lots of facts about the buildings, bridges and parts of the river itself, he had us laughing out loud with his jokes.

We saw many famous landmarks including the London Eye, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, the Shard, HMS Belfast, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and many, many more.  It was interesting to learn a bit more about the history of some of these landmarks too.

Here are just a few things that we saw on the cruise:

After our tour, we had lunch in the lovely setting of the Jubilee Gardens and then we had some time to play in the play park before walking back to Waterloo East station to get our train home.  
Unfortunately, on the way home our train was diverted and we had to wait quite a while at Dartford before we could get a different train back to Bexleyheath.  Everyone behaved extremely sensibly though and we were very glad to be back at school!

Thank you again to all the staff and parents who helped to make it a great day for us all.

Friday, 13 October 2017

How do we use the Internet? 13.10.17

Today in our computing lesson, Fiennes and Peake classes took part in a survey to look at the different ways that we use the Internet.  This included using it for finding things out, creating pictures and writing, talking to people using Skype and Face Time and also playing games.  We also thought about how safe we feel when using the Internet at school and at home.  It was interesting to compare the answers from the two classes.  For example, class Peake had more children who said they used the Internet every day and more children in class Fiennes said they felt safe when using the Internet.

Here is an example of the survey that we completed.

In the second part of the lesson, we looked at a story called 'Details, details...' which featured Hector Protector and his friends.  The story discusses the dangers of giving out your personal information over the Internet.

You can watch the clip using the following link.  If you do not have Flashplayer then you can download the colouring book instead.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Class Fiennes and Peake Autumn Computing

So far this half term, year 2 have been reminding ourselves about what the Internet is and how to stay safe when using it.  We have talked about what information people might share on the internet and when it is best to keep our important information private. 

Class Fiennes explored the Upland school blogs and had a look at the different things that we are able to share with our parents/carers and families at home about what we have been doing in school.  They even had a go at designing a new logo for our class blog which illustrated some of the key facts about Sir Ranulph Fiennes (who our class is named after).

Last Friday (6th October) the whole of year 2 had the chance to take part in some filming.  Mrs. Bryant set up the filming equipment, including a big green screen, lights, sound boom and camera, with a little help from Miss Henderson and Mrs. Butler.  Fiennes classroom was transformed into a mini studio and the children took it in turns to perform a Jack Hartmann maths song.  It was great fun and there were even some funky freestyle dance moves!  Later in the year, we will be able to edit the video and experiment with putting different backgrounds on the green screen.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Spring 2 Week 1

This week, we learned how to import graphics into our PowerPoint presentations
by using Clip Art.  

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Spring 1 Week 5

This week, we continued with our e-safety PowerPoints.  We learned how we can make the slides move on their own by settings timings.  We also learned which transition tools to use.  

Friday, 27 January 2017

Spring 1 week 4

This week, we continued with our PowerPoint presentations.  We learned how to retrieve saved work, and how to format the background and apply to all slides.  We also learned how to change the layout of each slide.